The year was 1981 about 40 years ago, Rajammal patti like every other grandmother made murukku for her kids at home. She made about 5 types of murukku for her family and friends from her own recipe. Later as the taste and quality was A1 she started to cater for functions like weddings, puberty functions and other festivities. For 18 long years they made their snacks at home but as fame rose the customers insisted they open up a shop for daily sales and so they did. KOVILPATTI MURUKKU KADAI started in 1999 with the help of Rajammal patti's son. As the name grew the number of items on the list grew too, from Murukku to Athirasam they increased their menu to about 12 items but they never stepped down from their quality and taste.

They started another branch in 2005 and the business was taken up by the brothers leading it to be a collaborative family business. The recipe created by Rajammal patti stuck to its tradition with no added preservatives and retained it's original taste. Both shops were a huge hit in Kovilpatti and still remain as pioneers in the sweet & snack business.

From 5 to 50 items, we have grown and have spread across Tamil Nadu. 2016 marks the beginning of our ventures in Chennai. We started with one shop and have since then spread our wings over various locations in the city. As we continue to grow we make sure to keep the tradition of quality and taste with no compromise.

Our specialities are Quality over Quantity, No added preservatives & No adulteration.

We make our snacks in pure groundnut oil and brought for daily sales. The concept of our brand is we make and manufacture our snacks from morning to noon and the daily sales happens from 12 PM to 10 PM everyday so there is no space for old stock being sold to our customers. We strongly guarantee that if you visit our shop by 9 most of the stock is over.

KOVILPATTI MURUKKU KADAI is slowly reaching for people's tummies & hearts filling it with amazing murukku and loads of love. We will continue to make our snacks and sweets with lots of love & care

"Our specialities are Quality over Quantity, No added preservatives & No adulteration."

- S. Raji
Founder/ CEO

"We will make our snacks and sweets with lots of love & care."

- Stephen Mani
Managing director